• Recreational Soccer Effective At Reducing Disease Risk In Elderly Men +

    In a new study, researchers were able to show that long-term recreational soccer training leads to dramatic improvements in health profiles, including reduced risks of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, in elderly men between the ages of 63 and 75. Read More
  • Interview: Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Jon Lieff explains brain injuries in athletes +

    Dr. Jon Lieff has spent decades exploring the mind and how it functions in both humans and nature. Read More
  • Canadian sports psychologist shares motivation and goal setting tips at U of A +

    Twenty years ago, a Canadian cross-country skier with a keen interest in sports psychology set his sights on Norway — a country that succeeds in both of those areas. Read More
  • Are synthetic playing surfaces hazardous to athletes' health? +

    When doctors found Stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma in her lungs, Emily Prince had questions. Read More
  • US Soccer's New Guidelines For Heading In Youth Soccer +

    U.S. Soccer has taken a lead in education, research and proposing rule changes in the area of concussion management and protocols, and has been at the forefront of concussion prevention. Read More
  • Soccer Player's Punch Leaves Ref With Brain Injury +

    Police are searching for a soccer player who gave a referee a traumatic brain injury on Sunday morning in San Francisco. Read More
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